Slot Machine Bar

Slot Machine Bar

The history of slot machines is long and troubled, their birth dates back to the 1800s and although their lives have never been easy, over the centuries slots have never ceased to thrill players all over the world until they reach their peak with current and technological versions of online slot machines that can be found online.

The predecessor of the slot machine that we all know was in fact created more than 200 years ago and was not exactly like the ones we play today because it used 50 cards and five drums.

It was played like poker and to win you had to have either a couple or a full house.

At its birth this machine was distributed in bars but a first problem was posed in the momenot in which it had to decide on how to reward the winner seen that to the debuts it was not contemplated still some prize in money.

Among other things, the slot was easy to modify so that for players to win it was not easy since many bar operators tended to change machine settings, for example by removing cards, and making winnings less frequent than they would be been if the machine worked properly.

Charles Fey Slots

Over time, a German named Charles Fey created the free slot machine we’re used to.

His slot machine was able to offer different payouts depending on the combination of images or numbers that appeared when the rollers stopped. The 10 cards were replaced with 5 symbols and the 5 bombs were reduced to 3 rolls.

This was the first slot machine prototype we can still play today in online and offline casinos.

The first slot machine was called Liberty Bell, this name is due to the fact that the combination of three bells corresponded to the highest payout.

The success was not immediate but slowly this new slot machine began to be distributed all over the world, so Charles Fey began to create new and different ones in which he changed the characters and the images on the reels.

But the life of the slot machines was not easy, in fact in 1909 in the United States of America a law was approved for which the slot machines that provided money were illegal.

The problem had to be circumscribed and a solution had to be found in order to be able to continue playing without incurring illegality and allotas the bar owners decided to replace their cash winnings with prizes. One of the first ideas was to make chewing gum win.

The taste of chewing gum changed depending on the combination obtained. The first fruit slot is born, that is the slot whose images on the reels are those that represent the fruit.

The BAR symbol was later and refers to the Bell-Fruit Company logo.

In 1919, the US government prohibited the consumption and sale of alcohol. The bars began to empty out and so the solution found by the owners was to create “slot machine bars” where people went to play.

The bar owners began offering cash prizes to the winners who spent more and more temple in front of these new pastimes.

The slot machine became so fast a famous and widespread game among all the people who went to the bar even if just for a simple drink, and the customers of the bars at that point could also spend hours playing waiting for the win.

Regardless of the restrictions imposed by the government, the spread of slto machines continued to grow rapidly and flourished to the point that in Nevada in 1931 it was decided to legalize gambling.

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